⏺ Vortex Cash Features

Vortex Cash Features !

Vortex Cash is developed with features that are very useful for everyone who will perform various kinds of transactions on the ethereum chain such as, Bulk Sender, P2P Wallet, ERC20 Generator, Smart Dex and etc.

⏺ BULK SENDER Bulk send your tokens with one click to multiple addresses in an easy way and low gas fee.

⏺ P2P Wallet Want to exchange to fiat? vortex cash provides a direct p2p wallet to exchange your ethereum to fiat quickly.

⏺ ERC20 GeneratorERC20 Generator Create your erc20 tokens now without having to know solidity language easily with just one click.

⏺ Smart Dex Swap tokens quickly, cheaply, and easily with our dex that features with sniper contract to detect the mempool of all tokens on the ethereum network.

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